About Us

AppSmiths® is a Gas Lift technology development company, which also offers production analysis services using the tools they have developed.

AppSmiths® Technology

Who we are

AppSmiths® Technology has its beginnings in Katy Texas in 1993; its story begins with the needs of a young man named Burney Waring who had the desire to create a tool that would help improve gas lift production analysis data with a fast technological solution, free of extensive administrative processes and a young man named Dan Dees who shared the same desire in common.
Waring programmed algorithms that could perform the analysis operations faster and with less margin of error than was possible in the 1990s, but he needed a team of developers to help him with the software that would accomplish his goal.

Do you know Dan Dees?

He is the CEO and founder of AppSmiths® Technology, a developer who is passionate about the innovations and rapid technological solutions for the Gas Lift industry.

Do you know Burney Waring?

Yes, the genius of gas lift, the author of “Practical Optimization of Petroleum Production Systems”, one of our gurus.
Years later Waring meets Dan and chooses him for the realization of his project. Together they developed the first GLUE (Gas Lift User Environment) software that would become the basis of a larger project that would break global boundaries and become a multicultural family that would take the name AppSmiths® Technology.
Our mission is to provide you with technology solutions that increase production in gas lift wells with the knowledge of our best engineers and developers.
AppSmiths® Technology has products and services for surveillance, production enhancement, optimization, simulation, design and more.

AppSmiths® Technology

Company milestones

AppSmiths® founded
The Company is founded in Houston, Texas, USA to develop WinGLUE® gas-lift software for Shell Oil Company
WinGLUE® hits the Market
WinGLUE® software is commercially available outside of Shell
Began R & D for WellTracer®
First Pilot for WellTracer® in Brunei
WellTracer® V1 launched
First Gas-Lift Valve Reliability Database
First Corporate License to Petronas
The National Oil Company of Malaysia uses WinGLUE® software to design, optimize and troubleshoot their gas-lifted wells.
Founded Louisiana U.S. Operations Base
AppSmiths® opened new offices in Lafayette Louisiana to service the onshore/offshore sectors in the continental U.S.
Opened AppSmiths® Asia
Acquired FieldWare IP from Shell
WellTracer® Pilot in Mexico
Exclusive Distributor of the AVT system for testing gas-lift gauges
POGS enters into a Framework Agreement with PEMEX
Kaizen offers WellTracer® in Canada
Weatherford wins long term WellTracer® contract with Qatar Petroleum
Kaizen offers WellTracer® in US

AppSmiths® Technology

What can we do for you?

Our mission is to provide you with technology solutions that increase production in gas lift wells with the knowledge of our best engineers and developers.

I need to get engineers in the field to speed with the basics of operation.

I am still working to understand how to get the greatest benefit from the tools.

Lots of my wells are older wells and produce low volumes of oil and won’t benefit from costly surveys

Most of my wells are producing at maximum oil production now. What would be the benefit of optimizing this well?

I am not sure if my wells are injecting at the optimal points

I don't know where my fluid levels might be in my wells

I suspect that my well is not optimal, but I am not sure if it would be worthwhile to fix the problem.

We don’t have the resources to give attention to surveillance like we know we should.

I am not sure if my injection rate is accurately being recorded, my metering is suspect.

With the volume of wells that I have to monitor, it’s hard to keep track with all the problems, I have to prioritize my efforts.